An unannounced AMD processor known as Circle of relatives 25 Fashion 120 Stepping 0 just lately confirmed up within the MilkyWay@House database. The CPU can procedure 12 threads concurrently and the CPU knowledgeable @InstLatX64 believes that that is AMD’s codenamed Phoenix 2 processor, packing two high-performance Zen 4 cores and 4 energy-efficient Zen 4c cores. 

AMD Eng Pattern processor marked 100-000000931-21_N [Family 25 Model 120 Stepping 0] options 12 logical cores (i.e., six bodily cores with simultaneous multithreading) and experiences about 1MB of cache, which signifies that the MilkyWay@House consumer can’t as it should be decide the quantity of cache featured by means of the chip. The list itself does now not turn out that we’re coping with AMD’s hybrid Phoenix 2 processor with Giant.Little-like core configuration, however six bodily/12 logical cores featured by means of an unknown CPU offers us a touch that this will likely fit the rumors.

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