YouTuber Der8auer has proven off a couple of recent AMD AM5-based B665 workstation motherboards that includes a 90-degree socket orientation, designed to fortify airflow and fortify compatibility with server-based CPU coolers and chassis. The 2 new forums are the Asus Professional WS B665-ACE and Asrock Rack B665 D4U1L.

We do not know the rest about this new B665 socket, or a lot about those new forums on the whole. However Der8auer says those are value-oriented workstation motherboards, with a minimum quantity of options. On the very least we all know they’ll give a boost to AMD’s 65W Ryzen 7000 collection CPUs.

In response to the pictures of each motherboards, they look like cut-down variations of B650 chipset motherboards. The rear I/O has been considerably reduce to avoid wasting price, and a VGA port has been added for server functions. Each forums even have reduce PCIe connectivity from Gen 5 to Gen 4, alternatively, in step with Der8auer, this seems to be a board-specific limitation, once more to scale back price, and is not a limitation of the chipset. The Asus board is an ATX answer, whilst the ASRock board is a micro-ATX answer.

(Symbol credit score: YouTube – der8auer EN)

Probably the most distinctive facet of each forums is the 90-degree orientation of the AM5 socket, which is best commonplace on server platforms and workstation platforms such because the Xeon W3400 collection or Threadripper Professional.

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