Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robotic can do numerous issues I will’t, together with backflips and operating thru snow with out falling on its face. Now upload parkour to that checklist of feats.

Sure, that parkour. In a brand new video, you’ll see Atlas bounding up a multi-layered platform, moving its weight from its proper foot to its left foot, and again to the fitting foot because it runs up the stairs. Like Atlas’ earlier athletic achievements, the maneuver is hypnotizing.

And for just right reason why. Atlas continues to certain throughout the uncanny valley, to not put people in our position, however to get humanoid robots to a degree the place they may be able to stroll and, positive, now and again do backflips amongst us. We’ve constructed this global for people, in spite of everything, so in concept robots that glance and transfer like us will likely be absolute best provided to control that global.

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