Moderate promoting costs of NAND reminiscence and solid-state drives had been losing within the contemporary quarters because of sluggish call for and oversupply. However as extra packages undertake SSDs, their unit and greenback gross sales are poised to develop. 5 years from now, in 2028, SSD revenues will build up to $67 billion, consistent with estimates from Yole Workforce (by way of StorageNewsletter).

In the end, the entire marketplace measurement for SSDs is predicted to develop from $29 billion and 352 million devices in 2022 to $67 billion and 472 million devices in 2028, with a compounded annual expansion price of about 15% between 2022 and 2028, Yole claims.  

(Symbol credit score: StorageNewsletter)

Out of 352 million SSDs offered in 2022 (together with those who belong to our very best SSDs checklist), about 55 million devices have been venture drives and the remaining have been shopper SSDs. The venture SSD shipments in 2022 have been ruled via PCIe SSDs, which accounted for roughly 55% or 30 million devices. It’s expected that this determine will build up to roughly 71% or 79 million devices via 2028. The proportion of PCIe shopper SSDs is predicted to upward thrust from round 85% in 2021 to round 96% in 2028, representing 252 million devices and 347 million devices, respectively. 

Endeavor drives will even undertake new PCIe interfaces quicker than their shopper brethren. Yole believes that whilst 69% of enterprise-grade SSDs will use a PCIe 5.0 bus in 2028, most effective 12% of shopper drives will use this interface that yr. As for PCIe 6.0 SSDs, they’re anticipated to command 16% of the datacenter drives marketplace in 2028, however their proportion at the shopper SSD marketplace shall be negligible 3%.

(Symbol credit score: StorageNewsletter)

SSD gross sales dropped via 14% year-over-year to $29 billion in 2022 from $34 billion in 2021; on the subject of devices, this equaled to round 352 million devices, down from over 400 million devices in 2021. However this sharp decline was once a one-time match, Yole Workforce believes. In the meantime, the corporate does no longer precisely try to supply a roughly actual greenback or unit gross sales outlook for 2023 because of the ongoing sluggish depletion of stock and a vulnerable financial system, leading to really extensive oversupply.

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